Our respond to distributed and heterogeneous data sets of different stakeholders in the geo ecosystem

In Germany, an immense variety of different geospatial and remote sensing data exists, which, however, are collected and managed by very different public, semi-public and private data owners. Accordingly, the data supply, the data quality and the way in which the data are technically provided are complex and diverse. In addition, the use of many geodata requires a high level of expertise for data preparation and analysis, which many users from outside the domain do not have. This leads – despite recognizable high demand of many domains, e.g. from autonomous driving to smart cities – to a still manageable use of many geospatial and remote sensing data. Data assets need to become much easier to find and much easier to use to enable a broad ecosystem of users, companies and startups to develop and deliver geospatial data and analytics and services based on it securely and efficiently. Data pre-processing may also become necessary, but it is imperative that this is done using comparable rules and approaches for wide-area use.

About us

InGeo-X is a neutral, vendor-independent initiative for the development of a national geodata ecosystem. InGeo-X follows the Gaia-X standards and represents the role of the Federator in this context.

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